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"A couple of our friends, or actually one guy in a group of our friends The Creatures, who were guests at every single RTX so far at the convention center, they got swatted! While streaming Counterstrike, which is kinda funny actually. But getting swatted sucks."

"our friends the creatures" -burnie burns 2014

In case anyone needed more proof that the RT staff are aware of this. Here it is.


Tuesday Tips - EARS

In storyboards, I often don’t put too much thinking into drawing ears. I mostly draw them as shapes. The only time I really need to know the ins and outs of ear anatomy is when I draw an over-the-shoulder shot. I never wanna draw attention to it, but a poorly drawn ear WILL stick out. Other than that, you can only simplify something adequately if you know it well. Maybe I’ll do another posts later on “cartooning” ears or modifying ears.

Message me if you have requests.

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